How Does A Louvered Roof Compare To Other Types Of Awnings And Patio Covers?

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How Is The Sundance Louvered Roof Different From Other Louvered Roofs?

The Sundance louver is stronger than other louvers because it was designed with a “tectonic arch”. Most other louvers have a maximum 12’ span but ours will span up to 16’.

The Sundance gutter holds up to 40% more water, is the only one designed to receive standard gutter screens, is the only one to have LED strip light shelves built in, and is the only one with a crown mold curve design.

The Sundance louver is the only one made in the USA to have ball bearings at each end of the louver for less friction and longer life without the metal to metal squeaking you get with most other louver systems.

The Sundance louver has and exclusive rubber gasket to help block out light and seal between the louvers.

The Sundance post to beam connection is the strongest on the market, designed to attach a large portion of the post directly to the beam.

The Sundance pivot bar is the only one to connect to the louver using our exclusive pivot bar bearings for minimal friction and much longer mechanism life.

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Where Can I Get More Information?

Here are more resources about the Sundance Louvered Roof. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contacts us.

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